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2022年河北省邢台市五校联考高三上学期第二次月考英语试题及听力答案 pdf
2022-2023学年河北省邢台市五校联考高三上学期第二次月,高三英语 高三 高中学段,2022年河北省邢台市五校联考高三上学期第二次月考英语试题及听力答案.pdf文档下载。ic farming provides ,osts the soil health2022-2023学年河北省邢台市五校联考高三上学期第二次月考英语试题及听力答案 2022-2023学年上学期高三年级第二次月考 英语试题参考答案 1-5 BBACB 6-10 CACAC 11-15 ACCAB 16-20 BCBAA 21--23 CBD 24---27 DABC 28-31 CBDA 32--35 DBAC 36--30 FBEGC 4

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2022-2023学年河北省邢台市五校联考高三上学期第二次月考英语试题及听力答案 2022-2023学年上学期高三年级第二次月考 英语试题参考答案 1-5 BBACB 6-10 CACAC 11-15 ACCAB 16-20 BCBAA 21--23 CBD 24---27 DABC 28-31 CBDA 32--35 DBAC 36--30 FBEGC 41-45CDADB 46---50 ACBAB 51--55CDBAC 56.the 57.eamed 58.on 59.to bring 60.critically 61.published 。 62.calling 63.wider 64.What 65.announcement 第一节应用文写作One possible version: What Are the Benefits of Organic Farming? Organic farming provides many benefits for farmers as well as consumers around the country.Here are the major benefits of organic farming: Firstly,it keeps the environment clean by reducing the level of pollution.Secondly,green food from organic farming,which is very rich in minerals,can prevent and help to treat many kinds of diseases.Thirdly,it reduces the costs of agricultural production and also boosts the soil health.Lastly,it not only saves energy for both animals and machines but also reduces the risk of crop failure. It is crucial/essential that farmers should be encouraged to pursue organic farming.(101w) 备注:2022年世界粮食日10月16日的主题是“不让任何人掉队。更好生产、更好营养、更好环境、更好生活 。”主题对接选必一Unit5 Working the land. 第二节读后续写One possible version答案: Paragraph 1: The pilot tried to take control of the situation at hand,but in vain()The passengers were in a state of great panic, including the young female.So scared was she that she screamed 、I'm going to die,、making others more panicked.At that time,the elderly lady on my right spoke out,、Anyone not wearing a seat belt is putting you at a higher risk.We should have a firm belief in the crew,rather than cause disturbance and inconvenience,、which won some passengers' approval.More passengers began to be well organized automatically,arranging everything in order. Paragraph 2: Eventually,all the passengers calmed down.They returned to their seats quickly,keeping the seat belts fastened.I held hands with the female and the elderly lady.A sense of comfort and warmth rushed over me.After what seemed to be a century,the plane eventually tumned normal.All the people cheered up.Experiencing turbulence on board can be frightening,just as life is filled with unexpected incidents.As long as we keep calm and optimistic,we will have enough power to overcome obstacles.(162w) 于多A是行公众号:3V以程,网性www.wysj.com 答案解析: A篇【语篇导读】本文的语篇类型为应用文。主题语境为人与社会。本文介绍了保加利亚的两大重要节日及其中 的传统习俗活动。主题对接必修三Unit1 Festivals And Celebrations B篇【语篇导读】木文的语篇类型为记叙文。主题语境为人与社会之文化习俗。作者叙述自己第一次到罗马尼 亚的婆家拜访的故事。 主题对接必修三Unit 1Festivals And Celebrations C篇【语篇导读】本文的语篇类型为叙述类说明文。主题语境为人与自然之环境保护。本文介绍了一群关国人 通过捡垃圾来保护环境。 D篇【语篇导读】本文的语篇类型为议论文。主题语境为人与社会之未来生活,科技的发展高不开预想!正是 预想促使一个又一个新的发明诞生,从而改善了人类的生活,主题对接选择性必修一Unit2 Looking into the futur© 七选五 【语篇导读】本文的语篇类型为说明文。主题语境为人与社会。文章主要介绍了在工作、学习中应该避免的几种 肢体语言。 主题对接选择性必修一Unit4 Body Language 完形填空【语篇导读】本文的语篇类型为记叙文,主题语境为人与自我,Tcy发现了一只丢失的小狗,她请邻 居Ann帮忙照顾它。一天这只狗数了Ann的儿子Jack的命,Ann决定收养它。小狗的主人Peter非常感动,最终决 定让Ann一家拥有这只狗,主题对接必修三Unit2 Morals And Virtues,. 语法填空答案与解析: 平多m5公众号:3V以程,网性www.wwvsj.com 【语篇导读】本篇的语篇类型为新闻报道类说明文。主题语境为人与社会之人物介绍。瑞典科学院周四宜布,2022 年诺贝尔文学奖将授予法国作家安妮·埃尔诺克斯。她是当代(当代)法国文学界最有影响力的女作家之一。 主题对接选择性必修unit I People of achievement, chines that give us raw materials we need to put to effective use.If we position of defence which will probably result in unharmonious working against the screen door and barked madly at her.As soon as she o ld recyeling machines that produce a particular product out of the atmosphere.So just keep your arms open to give others a warm feeling. the door.Riley 47 into the boys'room where Ann 48 tha te,it'll do much help to the environment as well. Checking the time was suffering a heart attack caused by the operation.Riley ran o This list can go on and on.Our imagination has no limits and so does Checking the time every few minutes makes people feel you are in a hurry or would rather be somewhere else.It looks like you are not Jack,and when Ann bent over to help him,the dog went 49 nology.Who knows?Maybe one of these ideas may become a reality 、If it hadn't come to get me,the 50 said Jack would have the near future! interested in being there.Therefore,when you are speaking to your What should we do according to the author? workmates,try not to look at the clock very often. Ann reported to a local newspaper.At this point,no one had cal A.Take the future less seriously. Bad body posture claim the dog.so Ann decided to 51 it. B.Use 3D technology more widely Having a bad posture can mean that you are not interested in what is The next morning Tracy got a call.A man named Peter 52 C.Base new inventions on experience. going on around you.39 It is important to stand or sit up straight dog and called the number on the flier.Tracy started 53,and D.Keep making predictions for the future. when speaking to somebody.Also,keep your head high. him,、That dog 54 my friend's son.、 What can so-called human-like robots do according to the text? Weak handshake Peter drove to Ann's house to pick up his dog and saw Thoma A.They can talk to themselves. A weak handshake means that you don't care much about the person Jack crying in the window.After a few moments Peter said,、Maybe B.They can understand human words you are shaking hands with.40 However.don't forget that a was supposed to 55 you:maybe you should keep it.、 C.They can offer the us





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