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黑龙江省哈尔滨市第三十二中学校2023-2024学年高三上学期9月月考英语试题含答案 pdf
哈32中20232024学年度上学期9月考试英语试题10,高三英语 高三 高中学段,黑龙江省哈尔滨市第三十二中学校2023-2024学年高三上学期9月月考英语试题含答案.pdf文档下载。ing enough sleep.听,hat does t哈32中20232024学年度上学期9月考试英语试题10.What plays an important role in keeping one healthy according to the man?A.Doing exercise.B.Having breakfast.C.Drinking enough water.(考试范围:综合

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10.What plays an important role in keeping one healthy according to the man?
A.Doing exercise.
B.Having breakfast.
C.Drinking enough water.
11.Who's the woman?
A.The man's patient.
B.Barry's sister.
C.Bob's mother
12.What is the man's last piece of advice?
A.Having enough sleep.
B.Eating in a healthy way.
1.What will the weather be like this aftemoon?
C.Drinking a glass of milk every day.
2.Where does the conversation most probably take place?
13.What upset the man ten years ago?
A.In an office.
B.In a restaurant.
C.At home.
A.He could no longer run.
3.What does the boy want to be in the future?
B.He caused a car accident.
A.A lawyer.
B.A businessman.
C.A professor.
C.He had no friends around him.
4.What is the man doing?
14.How did the man's parents react when he decided to run in the LA Marathon?
A.Asking for permission.
B.Expressing thanks.
C.Offering help.
A.They felt proud.
5.What does the man mean?
B.They encouraged him greatly.
A.He'll deliver the luggage by car.
C.They didn't think he would make it.
B.He won't take the luggage with him.
15.How often did the man train himself?
C.He doesn't need any help with the luggage.
A.Every day.
B.Twice a week.
C.Five days a week.
16.What encouraged the man two years ago?
A.A friend's words.
B.A great man's deeds
C.The LA Marathon runners'spirit.
6.How long will the man stay at the hotel?
17.What do the children prefer to bring in America?
A.For 2 days.
B.For 4 days
C.For 6 days.
A.The breakfast box.
B.The lunch box.
C.The supper box.
7.What kind of room did the man book?
18.Which meal is the most important meal of the day in America?
A.A single room with a big balcony.
B.A double room with a big window.
19.Who usually cooked dinner for their families in the past in America?
C.A double room with a big balcony.
C.Both A and B.
20.What time is dinner usually eaten in America?
8.What does the man want to be?
A.Between 5 00 p.m.and 7 00 p.m..
A.A cook.
B.A computer programmer.C.A cameraman.
B.Between 5 00 p.m.and 6 00 p.m..
9.Where does the man work now?
C.Between 6 00 p.m.and 7 00 p.m..
A.In a restaurant.
B.In a computer company.
C.At a school.
Yellowstone's weather can vary quite a bit,even in a single day.In the summer,daytime
highs can exceed 70F (21C),only to drop 20 or more degrees when a thunderstorm rolls
Paris is the capital of France,a country in the west of Europe.It is also one of the most
through.It can snow during any month of the year,and winter lows frequently drop below 0F
beautiful and most famous cities in the world.
(-18C),especially at night.Bring a range of clothing options,including a warm jacket and
Paris is called the City of Light.It is also an international fashion center.What
rain gear,even in the summer.
modern women are wearing in Paris will soon be worn by many women in other parts of the
Fees Passes
world.Paris is also a famous world center of education.For instance,the headquarters of
1.Yellowstone (non-commercial vehicle)-$35.00
UNESCO,the United Nations Educational,Scientific,and Cultural Organization,is in Paris.
2.Yellowstone (motorcycle or snowmobile)-$30.00
The Seine River divides the city into two parts.Thirty-two bridges cross this scenic
3.Yellowstone (individual on foot,bicycle,etc.)-$20.00
river.The oldest and perhaps most well-known is the Pont Neuf,which was built in the
Cheek out our Fees Passes web page to learn more about entrance fees,annual passes,
sixteenth century.The Sorbonne,a famous university,is located on the Left Bank(south side)
and more.
of the river.The beautiful white church Sacre Coeur lies on top of the hill called Montmartre
Visitor Center
on the Right Bank (north bank)of the Seine.
Open 9:00 AM-5:00 PM from Sunday to Saturday except Thanksgiving.
There are many other famous places in Paris,such as the famous museum the Louvre
Here you can gather park information,orient yourself to the rest of the park (including
as well as the cathedral of Notre Dame.However,the most famous landmark in this city must
road conditions.and campground and lodge availability),shop for souvenirs,explore exhibits
be the Eiffel Tower.
to learn more about the wildlife and history of Yellowstone.This visitor center also has free
Paris is named after a group of people called the Parisii.They built a small village on
an island in the middle of the Seine River about two thousand years ago.This island,called the
Internet Cellular Access
le de la Cite,is where Notre Dame is located.Today around eight million people live in the
Public WiFi is available.
Paris area
Free public Wi-Fi is available at Albright Visitor Center (Mammoth).Wi-Fi is available
21.The best title for the text would be
at some park lodges for registered guests.Check at hotel front desks or in NPS Yellowstone
A.The City of Paris
app for details.
B.The French Language
Cell service is extremely limited,with reception only available in or near major
developed areas:Mammoth Hot Springs,Old Faithful,West Thumb and Grant Village,Lake
C.Education and Culture in France
D.The Eiffel Tower,the Symbol of Paris
Village and Fishing Bridge,Canyon Village to Tower Junction,and near the West Entrance.In
22.The under.lined word 、headquarters、(paragraph 2)means
summer,service is often used up in these areas.
25.How does one visit Yellowstone if he plans to save money most?
A.Riding a bicycle.
B.Driving your private car.
23.We can infer from the text that Notre Dame is located
C.Driving a motorcycle.
D.Riding a snowmobile.
A.on the Right Bank B.on the Left Bank C.on neither bank D.on both banks
26.Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A.Bring a range of clothing options is advisable.
24.The Pont Neuf was built
B.Several means of transport is allowed to enter the Yellowstone.
A.in the 1500s
B.in the 1600s
C.Visitor Center is closed on Thanksgiving.
C.in the 1700s
D.in the 1400s
D.Visitors can get cell service all the year round.
27.Where do you think the passage is from?
Yellowstone National Park attracts lots of visitors all the year round because of its unique
A.A tourist guide book.
B.A web page.
landscapes.But usually the tour there is not so common as you think.So checking the
C.A scientific research.
D.An entertainment magazine.
information listed below is a must while planning your trip and before you arrive.
When I first set foot on Mexican soil,I spoke Spanish well.So when I asked a local ice-
Cats are very smart.They are one of the smartest animals.The brain of a cat is large.It is
cream seller for an ice-cream,and he said、ahorita,、which directly translates to、right now,、I
highly developed.This may be why cats have good memories.Cats remember kindness and
took him at his word,believing that its arrival was immediate.
cruelty.It is a good idea to treat a cat well.Cats can、speak、too.They meow for attention.
I sat near his shop and waited.Half an hour passed and still no ice-cream arrived,so I
Often they stand by a door.Then they meow.Then they look over their shoulders.They want
asked again about it.、Ahorita,、he told me again.His face was a mix of confusion and maybe
to see if their owners are coming.Cats make other noises also.They
even embarrassment.
I was torn.Waiting longer wasn't pleasant,but I felt it was impolite to walk away,
purr(猫发出的咕噜声)when they are happy.They hiss when they are angry.
Cats have a lot of pride.They don't usually do silly tricks.Almost all cats want to have
especially if the ice-cream was now being delivered just for me.But finally,after waiting too
their own way.They are mostly true to only one person.They don't switch loyalty easily.Cats
long,I made a rush for the nearest bus to take me home.As I left,I signalled at my wrist and
were free in the wild.They want to stay that way.They like to be their own masters.When a
shrugged to the ice-cream seller.Obviously,I couldn't wait any longer and it really wasn't my
cat is left alone,it can go back to caring for itself.It can live in the wild again.This is different
fault.His face was,once again,one of total confusion.
from dogs.Dogs will switch their loyalty.At one time dogs were loyal to the leaders of their
This experience faded from my memory until years later when I came back to live in
packs.Now,they will transfer allegiance()to their owner.They do not like to be alone.
Mexico.I discovered that understanding 、ahorita、took not a fluency in the language,but
rather a fluency in the culture.When someone from Mexico says 、ahorita,、it should almost
With kindness,a cat can be trained.Cats can learn to do many things.Some cats can learn
never be taken literally(照字面地);its meaning changes greatly with context.As a linguist
to open doors.Some can ring doorbells.Some can even turn on water tap.Then they take a
drink.Cats are very smart.Before drinking,they put a paw in the water.They test whether the
told me,、Ahorita could mean tomorrow,in an hour,within five years or never.、It is even used
water is hot or cold.
as a polite way of saying、no,thanks、when refusing an offer.
32.What is the best title for this passage?
Since I moved to Mexico,my attitude towards time has changed dramatically.I don't
A.The Difference Between Dogs and Cats.B.The Characteristics of Cats.
worry so much about being late;I am generally still on time for appointments,but when I'm
C.Loyal Animals.
D.How to Keep Cats?
not,I don'





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